Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter Shell!

Hi ,

Happy Easter. I miss Easters' from when we were kids. Remember the time in VA. Beach, we were hunting eggs, and I did the cart wheel and kicked you in the face? AHH memories! Oh yeah, and our "Nana suits"! Polyester is so underappreciated.

Hope all is well in "Tornado Town". All you need now is a little black dog, and a tin man, or any man for that matter :)!

I've been working like crazy, and Mr. Graham is back on days. Life is looking normal. Well, normal for us. Ed came home and said, I swear he said this, "babe, I was talking to this guy downtown, and he breeds miniature donkeys, and they live in the house. We should get one". Gotta love a guy who says that with a straight face.

I've started a knitalong over at Craftster, started by Emm. It's the cable hoodie from "Street Smart" (Photo above) . Since I had the book, and stash yarn, I jumped in. I'm 1/3 of the way up the back.
Kissy Sissy,



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