Saturday, February 11, 2006


Hi Shell,

I finally started my shawl. After much thought, I decided to do the "Mediterranean Lace" shawl instead, as I like it much better. The border is just gorgeous. It's actually more difficult, and time consuming, but worth the effort. 3600 yards of Misti Alpaca lace in a baby pink color. 16 days, yeah right, but I'm up for the challenge. Ben is sick now, and has been very needy. I just got done watching Bambi 2, and was asked not to do my "Limpics" while we were watching. Hope to scoot him to bed soon, and knit for a few hours before I crash. Above is my weenie start, and a really crappy picture from the book. Too tired to reshoot it, so I hope you get the idea. Tomorrow I will post my latest yard sale find, which includes a ball winder, tons of needles, addis, plymoths, clover, etc, and other knit related goodies. I already have a sack full of needles for you. Have fun in Hotlanta!

Love you, Steph


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