Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kill me, please

Flu shot, check. Proper isolation gear while entering patients room, check. Constant handwashing, check. It got me anyway. A few days ago I was at work and I felt "weird" a little dizzy and foggy, with a few "you look like shit" 's thrown in from my coworkers. Long story short, temp was 102.7. "I don't really feel bad" I was repeating as I was being shoved out the door, well, famous last words. Within 1 hour I felt like I had been shot. Outfit dejour was sweats, socks, 6 blankets, 4 cats, 2 boxes of tissue..And enough drugs to kill a small child. Chills, sweating, dragon breath............

OK, done bitching. I'm on 7th, and last, row of the demon shawl, then its on to the border. Also working on a "Jess" robot for Benjamin. Kyle has hit me up for a cabled beanie, because, and I quote "Its cool if it looks homemade". Now that's something I know I can do. Homemade it is.

I seem to be obsessed with lace knitting as of late. I just love the challenge. I brought my "Gathering of Lace" book over to Mom and Dads, and Mom and I oooo'd and aaaaa'd over it. Dad said "does anyone even wear shawls anymore?". Hmm, hadn't thought of that. The ladies in the pictures always look so happy running on the beach, shawl flapping in the wind behind them, but do you ever see someone, in say' Walmart', sporting a shawl? I'm not talking crochet granny type shawl/lap blanket type shawl. I'm more obsessed with "wedding ring shawls" where a huge shawl's so fine, that it will fit through a wedding ring. Note to self, search high and low for "Man Shawl" pattern for Dad.


Anonymous Becky said...

Yes we definately DO wear our shawls! I wear my Flower Basket Shawl tied around my shoulders everywhere, Walmart, Groceries, the beach you name it. ANd I have it on good authority that AManda wore her lace shawl to Starbucks the other day! GRIN.... So tell hubby yes they do!

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Becky said...

Ohhh forgot to say I sooo hope you feel better soon!

4:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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