Saturday, February 25, 2006

My "Kids"

We are competing this weekend in Louisville, KY. Our Level 7 team had a great competition Friday night and are headed home with medals for everyone. Thought I'd share some of the faces I get greeted by everyday.

Meet Ansley, Jordan, Payton, Blaire, Micah, Claire, & Chloe.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

Ever have one of those weekends when you wish you'd have weather that would make you stay in and clean, or get organized, or wash the gray out of your hair.... Well we got it this morning! Freezing rain followed by 3 inches, so I'm staying put. I've already dipped the head, did my 4 miles on the treadmill and shredded a large garbage bag full or documents. Now I'm either going to knit, prep the guest bath for painting or take a nap. Hmmmmm.
So here it is in my own backyard. So pretty when no one has messed it up yet. At 23* though not many people out playing in it.

Steph, sorry you had to "Michelle Kwan", but better than pulling a "Johnny Weir".
Love you, Shelly

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'd never make the Olympics, I run like a girl!

Well, I'm totally Michelle Kwaning the Knitting Olympics. Just been a horrible week. We've all been sick with the flu, and I just cant shake it. I told hubby I'd swear we have a gas leak, we are all so tired all the time. So I will gingerly knit my shawl over time, and cheer on the rest of you. Cheers , girls and guys, and good luck.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

So close yet so far...

Salutations from S. Pittsburg, TN. That is where we had to grab a hotel room after we sat on the I-state for an hour and a half, then found out that the had shut down Monteagle Mountain and didn't send out troopers to tell anyone. So we get up in the a.m. and hope we can get home. So much for my Sunday off. And we were only 80 miles from La Vergne....

The Barbie Shawl looks great. I'm sure it will make it up to big girl size in 16 days :)

Sorry Ben is still sick. Kisses from Aunt Shelly.

Attack of the 200lb dog!

Now Joseph wont let me knit. Ben and I had BLT's for dinner. Joseph eats with us, but he only ate the B, and spit out the L and the T. Bacon makes Great Danes crazy. Notice my swift, ninja foot action. I gave him a round house kick to the jowls (joke). He has to be the cutest dog I've ever seen. He sleeps with me while Ed is gone, and I end up with about 6 inches of mattress space. Ok, I'm really off to knit. Just had to post my handsome guy.


Hi Shell,

I finally started my shawl. After much thought, I decided to do the "Mediterranean Lace" shawl instead, as I like it much better. The border is just gorgeous. It's actually more difficult, and time consuming, but worth the effort. 3600 yards of Misti Alpaca lace in a baby pink color. 16 days, yeah right, but I'm up for the challenge. Ben is sick now, and has been very needy. I just got done watching Bambi 2, and was asked not to do my "Limpics" while we were watching. Hope to scoot him to bed soon, and knit for a few hours before I crash. Above is my weenie start, and a really crappy picture from the book. Too tired to reshoot it, so I hope you get the idea. Tomorrow I will post my latest yard sale find, which includes a ball winder, tons of needles, addis, plymoths, clover, etc, and other knit related goodies. I already have a sack full of needles for you. Have fun in Hotlanta!

Love you, Steph

Friday, February 10, 2006

Let The Games Begin.....

As I'm watching the opening ceremonies from a hotel room in Atlanta I can't help but think of my Sissy and her Knitting Olympics project. I hope it goes well!

I'm in Atlanta for a gymnastics meet. We came here early as Nashville is being pummeled with snow. Who knows, we may be stuck here for the weekend and half of our athletes may not make it. At least I have a warm room with a coffee maker, internet access, and HGTV. I'm good for at least a week!



Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kill me, please

Flu shot, check. Proper isolation gear while entering patients room, check. Constant handwashing, check. It got me anyway. A few days ago I was at work and I felt "weird" a little dizzy and foggy, with a few "you look like shit" 's thrown in from my coworkers. Long story short, temp was 102.7. "I don't really feel bad" I was repeating as I was being shoved out the door, well, famous last words. Within 1 hour I felt like I had been shot. Outfit dejour was sweats, socks, 6 blankets, 4 cats, 2 boxes of tissue..And enough drugs to kill a small child. Chills, sweating, dragon breath............

OK, done bitching. I'm on 7th, and last, row of the demon shawl, then its on to the border. Also working on a "Jess" robot for Benjamin. Kyle has hit me up for a cabled beanie, because, and I quote "Its cool if it looks homemade". Now that's something I know I can do. Homemade it is.

I seem to be obsessed with lace knitting as of late. I just love the challenge. I brought my "Gathering of Lace" book over to Mom and Dads, and Mom and I oooo'd and aaaaa'd over it. Dad said "does anyone even wear shawls anymore?". Hmm, hadn't thought of that. The ladies in the pictures always look so happy running on the beach, shawl flapping in the wind behind them, but do you ever see someone, in say' Walmart', sporting a shawl? I'm not talking crochet granny type shawl/lap blanket type shawl. I'm more obsessed with "wedding ring shawls" where a huge shawl's so fine, that it will fit through a wedding ring. Note to self, search high and low for "Man Shawl" pattern for Dad.