Saturday, January 14, 2006



I cant help but notice that in all the pictures I'm the fat one. Still to this day you are known as the "small one", and I forever will be the "big one". You have Moms genes and I have Dads genes, sad thing is I could fit in dads jeans.

The Demon Shawl is laying abandoned in its bag, waiting for me to finish my work marathon. 13-14 hour days, with a patient load of 13. Today I cross the finish line with 3 days off.

I about to start the "trellis" sweater from Knitty for a girl at work. She is pregnant with number 3, another boy, 3rd pregnancy in 4 years. She is a little disappointed, as a girl would have been fun. I reminded her, being the good Catholic that she is, that Catholic sperm swims faster than say, Baptist sperm, and she will be pregnant with a girl in no time. In the mean time, I will stash bust for blue yarn to CO for the sweater!

Happy Day



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