Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Demon Shawl

I've started this thing like 100 bazillion times. I swear I hate it, no I love it, wait, I hate it! This time I will finish it if it kills me, in other words, I'm making it my bitch. Notice the yellow "life lines" which allow me to rip back a repeat if needed. The Yarn is yummy 4 ply Cashmere that I scored from a perfectly beautiful J Crew sweater. I love ripping apart sweaters, its so barbaric, oops I mean relaxing. The cats help with this, as every star has an entourage, a posse, if you will.

Shell, I love the picture. It's so "telling". Actually I don't think your hugging me, it's more like a choke hold, and It's the only time in our lives that your feet were bigger than mine. Oh, and I'm sooo way cuter!

P.S. Isn't that the couch Mom took an ax to, so Dad wouldn't make her recover it?
Love you,



Blogger Knitter Interrupted said...

Okay so is the Demon Shawl still the Demon or have you learned to love it yet? BTW is that the Flower Basket Shawl? Just curious! I have a page of notes that might help if so...

4:00 AM  

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