Friday, December 23, 2005

Snaps! (click on pics to make them larger)

The new roof, ala "Katrina". The color is more brown, and it was done architectural style. We are very pleased. Boring, I know, but I wanted my Mom and Dad to see it!
Here's Ed trying to nap. Ever since he turned 50 last week, he seems to be practicing the old guy routine. Notice 4 of our 6 cats. We adore our animals, and Ed gets just stupid over them. Tigger, large yellow, Lurlene, calico, and of course Abner and Oink. (Ernie and Penelope are the only two that go outside, so they must have been on a "hunt") oops, no, on second look, that's Ernie in the background (black and white). Also, notice the crochet blanket. My Dad made it when he was a little boy, sick in bed. I so dig that about him, as he's this big burley "guys guy".
Here's Megs sweater. You cant really see the detail I know. I'm not thrilled with it. I used wool ease, and I think I should have used a lighter yarn, with a better drape. It's just so bulky.



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