Sunday, December 18, 2005

No Lampshade for Me!

Last night was my office Christmas party. Well actually it was the office I used to work for, but still fill in occasionally. Man, can these chicks party. I stopped drinking a couple of years ago, as I usually end up in the fetal position, clutching the bottle (joke), but in all honesty, no one likes a weepy drunk. I love to watch people drink though. They start off all stiff, and formal, and by the end of the night everyone's discussing their sex lives etc. What a hoot. I spent the last hour in the kitchen cleaning up. I'm such a stick in the mud. I just like to be at home, knitting, or posting on Craftster. All in all it was fun. We played dirty Santa. People kill me. They want something "good". Dirty Santa is supposed to be fun. I like the "rubber dog do" gifts, but I tend to have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy.

Craftster people also crack me up. The user names are so interesting. Like why would you be "Sexysue", or "Hothanna". I mean its Craftster people. Maybe I should change my user name to "zerosexdrivesteph", or "Lazylabidolady". I don't know, just a thought. By the way, my user name is "Graciepetunia" after my beloved Great Dane that is now an angel in heaven.

Shell, I'll give you Blog lessons next week. I cant wait to see you.



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