Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Favorite Present!

I'm not normally one to have a favorite present but this year I definitely do. Not that I don't love everything. My Nana made me a gorgous purse and having sewed Christmas gifts before I appreciate the time and thought that went into it. My Dad picked me out the miter saw that I asked for as I am delving into home improvement thanks to Crack TV (HGTV). My Mom bought me the orange crocs I wanted to wear doing yard work, and my sister fed the knitting addiction that she passed on to me with a huge stash of yarn and a great book. My niece even got me a folk art cow for my collection.
While all these gifts are great, and I love them all, my favorite gift came from my B.I.L., Ed. Ed works harder than just about anyone I know, and doesn't get a whole lot of time off. So when he does he like to relax and go hunting or fishing. This year however he used 2 of his days to take care of Ben, do laundry, and pick up the house so my sister and I could have 2 days together. We had time to shop, and lunch, and tell each other secrets. Things I miss more than anything.
So Ed, thank you for my favorite present, time with my sister. I love you Bro!


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