Friday, December 23, 2005

Knitting like a mad woman!

Meghans sweater is almost done. I started it 6 months ago, but put it down (kiss of death with my projects). I'll post a picture when done. Shopping is done. Kyle wanted a surfboard, which he is not getting. Too many shark attacks for this Moms taste.

So glad to here from my cousin Kendell. We have a very small family, and unfortunately we have kind of lost touch. Kendell..Meghan is in College, Kyle in High School, and Benjamin is in the third grade. You must come visit. I remember you being handsome and single, so girls, the line forms to the left, no pushing (smile). I had a great time with your sister and mother. Kim is such a scream. I love funny people, and if I don't laugh till I pee at least once a day, I feel ripped off!

Shell, drive safe from the "Ville".
Merry Christmas,



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