Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Gift Olympics

My sister and I have a running joke about trying to best each other with our parents Christmas gifts. I was in the lead several years ago (for what I can’t remember) but Stephanie is now reigning champ after giving my parents an outdoor fireplace for the porch. Mom has always wanted a fireplace. In fact it is one of the few things I can remember her ever saying she REALLY wanted. So Steph stomped me that year and I haven’t stepped up to dethrone her.
I love this time of year for one reason, I love to give presents. I especially love to buy presents for my sister as we are so opposite in out tastes that I feel like I’m buying for the anti-Shelly. She is pink and roses and Chintz and teacups and I’m primitive and natural and soooooooooo not pink. When she points out things she likes I think “really? you like that?” So shopping for her takes me to my hidden frilly side that I only get in touch with once a year. This year I found so many things that she HAD TO HAVE that it made it hard to put things back. There is infinitely more “Stephanie stuff” to buy than “Shelly stuff”.
So now that I’ve probably said enough to drive her crazy I’ll sign off.
PS to Steph – I opened a new peanut butter and got the smooth!


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